Goodbye Les Miles

For the record, I am a fan of Les Miles and LSU. I haven’t always been, but a couple of things happened.

First, they signed Leonard Fournette and I have followed him all through his high school playing days and I enjoy watching LSU because of Fournette and their power running game.

But, also, I wrote about Cole Pittman a player from the University of Texas that was tragically killed in an automobile accident:

When I started this blog, I met Cole Pittman’s father, Marc. Mr Pittman is a class act and he wrote a powerful book about his son.

Marc Pittman had another son that also signed with Texas, Chase. Walking around the University of Texas campus was hard on the younger brother of Cole Pittman and he decided to transfer. Chase Pittman picked LSU to play college football and to play for Les Miles.

Chase Pittman was a starter for the LSU Tigers at Defensive End for his final two seasons and he played a little for the Cleveland Browns.

Marc Pittman thought very highly of Les Miles, and therefore, so do I.

LSU hired Nick Saban away from Michigan State before the 2000 season and he won a controversial national title for them in 2003.

Saban left LSU for the NFL before the 2005 season and the Tigers hired Les Miles from Oklahoma State. At LSU, Les Miles won a national championship in 2007 and they finished 2nd in 2011.

Overall at LSU, Miles posted a  110 – 31 record as of today.

A couple of weeks ago, LSU was placed at the number 2 position in the very first Playoff Committee Poll. After that, the very next Saturday they played Alabama and the Crimson Tide whipped them fairly easily 30-16.

Then, last week, Arkansas came into baton Rouge and also beat LSU pretty easily.

LSU fans never much cottoned to Les Miles in spite of his success there. There has been talk since the loss to Alabama and then again when they got beat by Arkansas that Les Miles was coaching for his job.

This week, the LSU Tigers lost to Ole Miss and it’s assumed now that Les Miles will be fired.

Maybe LSU fans and administrators have forgotten what it was like before the days of Nick Saban and Les Miles when wins were a lot further apart and fewer in between.
There’s also been talk of possible replacements for Les Miles which is no surprise at all.

As a fan of Les Miles, I am not worried about him at all. Fire him, LSU, and he will definitely land on his feet somewhere. He’s an outstanding recruiter and was responsible for starting the turnaround at Oklahoma State before Mike Gundy took over. Miles would land another job pretty quickly.

On the other hand, if LSU fires a coach like Miles with only 3 losses in a season, I really worry about their future.

Nebraska tried that when they fired Frank Solich and his 9-3 record and they had years of struggles afterwards. Recently, they fired another coach that posted a 9-3 record, Bo Pelini, and they are 5-6 this season. Not many coaches want a job with lack of job security like that.

Be careful what you wish for LSU fans.

It really can get worse.

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