Friday Night College Football August 29th

Top 10 team, Michigan State opens it’s season hosting Jacksonville State at 6:30 on the Big 10 Network. Sadly, I don’t get the Big 10 Network in my area.

Michigan State will not be a high flying offensive team, but they will field a super defense. Maybe not a super high scoring offense, but the Spartans do return Connor Cook who has thrown for almost 3,000 yards as a starting QB. Jeremy Langford is a really tough Running Back at Michigan State and is back for his senior season. Langford ran for 1,445 in 2013.

Shilique Calhoun and Kurtis Drummond are some of the nation’s best defenders coming into the season as 1st team All Americans.


Jacksonville shouldn’t be much of a challenge but I would still love to see one of the nation’s top defenses. But, the Big 10 Network is not available in my area, unfortunately.



Colorado State vs Colorado used to be an interesting rivalry, but both have slipped in the last few years.

Colorado does have some intriguing  prospects on the team and could be worth a watch.  Their head coach is Mike MacIntyre who is an interesting guy and took San Jose State to some success. Can he turn the Colorado Buffaloes around?


I think MacIntyre will improve Colorado but it might take some time. They should be good enough to beat rival, Colorado State on Friday, but this game is a toss up.


The other game that holds my interest is UNLV visiting Arizona. The Wildcats are rated in the top 25 by some polls.

The interesting thing will be to see who they trot out at QB. It should be Anu Soloman, but it could be Jesse Scroggins, or Jerrard Randall, or Connor Brewer.

The Arizona Wildcat Offensive Line is experienced and pretty good, and they have outstanding receivers.


Even if the Wildcats play all 4 QBs they should beat UNLV pretty easily.


The other interesting game of the evening could be BYU at Connecticut. The Cougars return QB Taysom Hill and Hill actually had some of the best numbers in the country with 2,938 passing yards and 1,344 rushing yards. Of course, he got most of those yards against an awful Texas defense early in the season.

Hill should be one to watch this season. UConn is a basketball school and the Cougars should roll.


Another game on Friday night that may hold my interest is Villanova visiting Syracuse. I still pull for Syracuse from the Ernie Davis and Larry Csonka days.

Syracuse has become more of a basketball school but they have a rich history in football and optimism exists these days and they need to beat Villanova and they should.



Friday night should whet some appetites for some more football on Saturday, our first real football Saturday.


I am super excited, but that’s why they call me college football crazy. 🙂

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