Florida State Spring game.

Jimbo Fisher would like everyone to know that Florida State is not out to defend their national title. They are out to win another national title.

Good way to look at things. jimbo fisher

Jameis Winston is kind of busy this time of year. He pitches and plays outfield for the Seminoles baseball team and had to fly in for the scrimmage. His time away from football was evident and he didn’t have the best of games. Winston is still Winston and he will get back in the groove once the Fall camp gets going. Florida State went ones vs ones in this scrimmage and the first team defense is obviously really good.jameis winston

FSU started their first team Offensive Line and their Wide Receivers, but Haplea started at TE instead of O’Leary. The top Running Backs were also held out.

Winston was off most of the day, but made a few plays here and there. Definitely, Winston’s average play is not
something to worry about. Back up Sean McGuire looked really, really good at times. He looked like a back up at other times. Should Winston go down in 2014, McGuire should be capable of running the show. Nobody is going to mistake him for Winston, but he has the arm and athletic ability to beat most teams.

Freddie Stevenson is not going to be Florida State’s main Running
Back next season but he had a pretty good day going up against the stout Seminole defense.seminoles

Obviously, the Seminoles have one of the top Offensive Lines in the country, but they had their struggles at times against the first team defense.

When Winston was on, he hooked up with Christian Green and Rashad Greene just like normal. Getting O’Leary back in the Fall at Tight End will help. Bobo Wilson is a genuine deep threat.

Of the back up skill position players McGuire was impressive enough. Jeremy Kerr at TE looks like he has a future and so does Isaiah Jones who is tall and rangy and tough to tackle. Kermit Whitfield was a star of the National Championship game and is running with the second team.

Back up Offensive Line looked like Keith Weeks at Left Tackle, Kareen Are at Left Guard, Ryan Hoefield lined up at back up Center. On the right side, Ruben Carter is at Guard and Wilson Bell at Tackle. This may not mean much to the casual fan, but it’s extremely important that the Noles have these guys because they will lose nearly everybody up front after the 2014 season and they must have people ready to step up on the Offensive Line.

Florida State defense looked stout both first and second strings.fsu helmets

Mario Edwards lined up at one end and Casher at the other. Both run in the 4.6s and are big, particularly Edwards.
Desmond Hollin played at one tackle and was very productive and Brad Bentz played at the other.
Terrance Smith and Matthew Thomas looked really good at the LB spots. Defensive Backs Jalen Ramsey, PJ Williams, Tyler Hunter, and Lamarcus Brutus looked good in the defensive backfield spots.

2nd team defense for the Noles looked about as good as most first team units across the country. DeMarcus Walker and Ro’Derrick Hoskins are beasts. Hoskins was dominating in the Spring game, just all over the place. Georgio Newberry and Keith Bryant looked good at the Defensive Tackles as well. Reggie Northrup and EJ Levenberry are quality LBs and Keelin Smith, Trey Marshall and Tyrell Lyons are young and up and coming Defensive Backs.

Nice crowd at the game and FSU presented their future football uniforms.

2 thoughts on “Florida State Spring game.

  1. Dalice777

    Ok, I am an admitted Longhorn fan, with Stanford as a close second. So, while I didn’t get to watch the UT spring game, thanks to the LHN! (NOT!), I did read that the offense gave up quite a few sacks in the scrimmage! So….if UT is going to make a legitimate run at the national title, what will they need to do to take on a team like the Seminoles, who have obviously developed a national championship caliber program! Thanks for your insight!

    1. Brad Post author

      Recruiting is the life blood of any program. While it is a crap shoot, it’s also necessary to have the talent in place and then develop that talent with good coaching and many other things. UT needs to recruit more bodies in the offensive line and bring in and develop a top QB. They have Jerrod Heard coming in from Denton, Texas and he could be outstanding but even Jameis Winston had the luxury of a redshirt season. OL and QB have been problems at Texas every year since Colt McCoy left. Strong will have to fix those problems before being a contender.


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