Florida State Disrespect

I don’t understand it. Nobody has beaten Florida State since 2012 when they lost to Florida and that was 28 games ago.

They were the national champions in 2013 and nobody has beaten them in 2014.

Yes, they have not looked dominating this season like last season. Plus, Jameis Winston has lost any credibility he ever had. But, all Florida State has done is win and that’s really all you can ask of a program. Florida State has a win streak of 27 games which hasn’t been done all that often in the history of college football and that alone is worthy of some kind of respect.

They struggled in the opening game against Oklahoma State when they were huge favorites. The Cowboys of OSU have turned out to be a major disappointment this season, but they were better early on when they had their starting Quarterback in the lineup.

You may want to downgrade the Florida State Seminoles because of their schedule and they are in the ACC. But, are any of the schools that the Seminoles have played any worse than some of the Junior Varsity football teams that the SEC schools play?

Why would schools like TCU, or Baylor, or even Oregon pass Florida State in the selection committee’s rankings? Who has TCU, or Baylor, beaten that is better than anyone that Florida State has beaten? TCU lost to Baylor and Baylor lost to West Virginia. Baylor schedules schools every bit as bad as anyone the SEC teams play just to run up scores on people and try and impress people like these selection committee folks that are obviously impressed by bright and shiny things.

TCU, Baylor and Oregon have all lost games and Florida State has not.

Again, the four best teams are not going to be fairly chosen and I am not sure this new playoff system is any better than the old BCS. People don’t like Florida State because of their success and because of Jameis Winston.

They don’t even try to camouflage that as this point. These guys are totally biased and they are loving some TCU and Baylor types because these schools are newbies and they score a lot of points against bottom feeder  opponents. They are the perennial underdogs and everybody loves the dogs.

It makes no sense at all to demerit Florida State just because of your feelings about Jameis Winston. They just keep doing whatever it takes to win. Winning 27 straight games is a major accomplishment even if you are playing in the Mountain West Conference or the Sunbelt.

I do feel like Georgia Tech with their unorthodox offense will give Florida State fits in the ACC Championship Game. So, this blog could be a waste of my time, but even a one loss Florida State deserves as much respect as Baylor.

As long as Florida State keeps doing whatever it takes to win football games, then they deserve to be on top of the rankings.

I’m not impressed by a school putting up 70 points on Northwestern State School for Wayward Girls and 66 points on Buffalo Junior High Boys teams and neither should a playoff selection committee if they were really football people.

6 thoughts on “Florida State Disrespect

  1. dalice777

    Well stated. However, due to my own convictions about how thugs get rewarded if they win games, I just can’t root for a team led by a man like Winston. He’s a winner on the gridiron, but a criminal off the field. Should he be rewarded “just because” and his team has won 27 straight? It’s worth a discussion.

    I wonder how my favorite coach, Charlie Strong, would handle this situation. He did handle a couple of players who raped a woman last summer….kicked them to the curb! Winston should have been kicked to the curb if the allegations have merit. I personally believe he raped the woman. Therefore, I can’t support the head coach, Winston, or the program because they would rather win than hold their young men accountable for their actions. It only creates monsters! What gain is there in winning championships if you sell your soul to the devil?

    1. Brad Post author

      Yes, but it’s not about rooting for or supporting. It’s about the 4 best teams making the playoffs and determining a true national champion. Isn’t that what everybody’s been crying about for 50 or more years? If you check out the 1973 college football season there are 6 teams that finished undefeated and all of them felt that they should be national champs. This new playoff system is supposed to take that controversy out and that factor remains if you install teams by a popular vote instead of picking the top team.

  2. Steve Christian

    Well, Oregon just completely humiliated FSU in the Rose Bowl. so there’s you’re answer if the best teams are going to the championship……

    1. Brad Post author

      Yes, they did. But, the Ducks had a lot of help with the Turnovers.

      Ohio State vs Oregon should be a great game. I hope so at least.


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