First Weekend of November Games

Thursday November 5th:

Baylor 7-0 at Kansas State 3-4: Last of the lollipop games for Baylor for a while. Kansas State looked pretty good earlier in the season until Oklahoma ripped them a new one and then they lost to Texas who might be the worst team in college football. Baylor is favored by 17.5 points and should easily cover. But, don’t be fooled, Oklahoma just trounced Kansas State. If Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder joins the ranks of the retiring coaches this year, expect the Wildcats to return to before Bill Snyder days which was awful.

Mississippi State 6-2 at Missouri 4-4: Maty Mauk is back for Missouri, but they weren’t that good with him before. Mississippi State is favored by 7.5 points and they will win but I think it will be close. The Missouri Tigers can play some defense, but their offense has been horrific. Dak Prescott should be able to do enough to win.

Friday November 6th:

Temple 7-1 at SMU 1-7: Temple is only favored by 12.5 points. Did the odds makers not watch the Notre Dame-Temple game? Temple is a really good team and SMU is not. However, SMU is much improved over last season. I expect Temple to win and more than likely cover. I am very impressed with this Temple team and their coach. Temple is still unbeaten in Conference play and needs this win.

Saturday November 7th:

Penn State 7-2 at Northwestern 6-2:  Northwestern is favored by 2.5 points and both of these teams are hard to get a handle on. I believe Penn State will win. Christian Hackenberg played really well last week, as did the entire team and if they play well again.

Duke 6-2 at North Carolina 7-1: This is a very important game for both teams and for the ACC Coastal. Duke got messed over by the refs last week against Miami. There were several reasons why that Kick Off return should not have counted for the Canes. North Carolina is favored by 8 points and if they win, they take control of the ACC Coastal. If Duke wins, they need to basically win out to take the Division championship. I think North Carolina wins at home, but I am thinking they don’t cover the 8 point spread.

Kentucky 4-4 at Georgia 5-3: Georgia started the season with talk of SEC East domination which clearly has not happened.  The powers that be have lost confidence in coach Mark Richt. Kentucky might still be an up and coming SEC team, but they are clearly still not there after getting blasted by Tennessee last week. Georgia is favored by 14 points and probably covers.

Florida State 7-1 at Clemson 8-0: These two schools have a colorful history. The national media lacks respect for Florida State and they are better than people are saying. Clemson is favored by 12 points and if they win this game, they should be in line for a playoff spot. But, what happens if

Florida State wins? Will the winner of this game gain a playoff spot if that winner is Florida State? If Clemson is good enough right now, according to the media, then wouldn’t Florida State also be if they were to upset Clemson?

I think Clemson might win, but 12 points is a bit extreme. I really don’t think they cover.

Notre Dame 7-1 at Pittsburgh 6-2: This game reminds me of the old days when Notre Dame and Pittsburgh used to play regularly. There were some classic games between the Irish and the Pittsburgh Panthers of their glory years. Notre Dame is favored by 8 points and I believe they will cover the spread. The Panthers have a good team, but not on Notre Dame’s level as of yet.

Arkansas 4-4 at Ole Miss 7-2: Arkansas just spanked Ole MIss last season at hoe. This time the game is at Ole Miss which should change things. Ole Miss is favored by 10.5 points and the Rebels should win, but it probably will be a dogfight with a close ending. The Razorbacks have been a uge disappointment this season, but they are still tough at times.

Iowa 8-0 at Indiana 4-4:  This game has the potential to be good with Iowa coming into Indiana with an outstanding defense. Indiana has an outstanding offense and something’s got to give. Iowa is favored by 6.5 points, but the Hoosiers gave the Buckeyes fits, and Michigan State as well before the lid came off at the end. Indiana Hoosiers are not bad and Iowa should win by about the point spread.

TCU 8-0 at Oklahoma State 8-0: I’ve never bought into Oklahoma State’s greatness, but to their credit they have done everything needed to continue to win. The same is really also true of TCU. The Frogs are favored by 5.5 points and if both of these teams hold up to their normal forms this could be a wild one. The Frogs should prevail even in Stillwater.

Cincinnati 5-3 at Houston 8-0: Cincinnati is a dangerous opponent for the Houston Cougars. Cincinnati Quarterback Gunner Kiel completed 15 out of 15 passes last week for 319 yards and 5 Touchdowns which is one of the more impressive outings ever. Houston is favored by 8.5 points and they will more than likely win and this could be a great game.

Navy 6-1 at Memphis 8-0: Memphis is the favorite by 8 points and they should cover. But, the 6-1 Naval Academy is dangerous with their unorthodox offense. It’s hard to prepare for a team with an offense like this and Memphis could have it’s hands full. Navy’s sole loss was to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. This should be a fun game to watch whether you are a betting man, or not.

Michigan State 8-0 at Nebraska 3-6: Michigan State comes into Lincoln, Nebraska to play maybe the worst Cornhusker team in my life time and they are only favored by 5.5 points. In the Cornhuskers defense, they have been extremely unlucky in many games. However, losing to Purdue had little to do with bad luck. If Michigan State can’t cover the spread in this game, maybe they shouldn’t be in the top 10.

Utah 7-1 at Washington 4-4: All of the media had Utah in the Playoffs a couple of weeks ago and now the Washington Huskies are favored over them by 1.5 points in Seattle. Imagine that. The Huskies are playing well now and true freshman Quarterback Jake Browning is really coming along now. He had maybe a breakout game last week against Arizona. Utah was unimpressive against a really bad team in Oregon State last weekend. I wouldn’t touch this game, but I will pick Washington because they are surging now.

Auburn 4-4 at Texas A%M 6-2: Auburn showed a lot of heart in their loss to Ole Miss last week, but they are still struggling. The Aggies are favored by 7 points, and they are also struggling. The Aggies should win and they probably will cover at home.

LSU 7-0 at Alabama 7-1: Alabama is tailor made to beat teams like LSU even though LSU is rated higher people that know such things have them favored by 6.5 points. Bama is likely to beat LSU and then the Tigers beat Ole Miss giving the Tide yet another SEC title.

Minnesota 4-4 at Ohio State 8-0: 23.5 point favorites the Buckeyes may have their hands full against a motivated Minnesota. The Buckeyes will be without their starting Quarterback Barrett, but Cardale Jones should be fine. The Buckeyes win, but I don’t believe they will cover. The Gophers gave TCU fits, and almost beat Michigan, so they are not a bad team.

California 5-3 at Oregon 5-3: Oregon is favored by 4.5 points and this could be the wildest game of the day. Both teams can put up points and have little chance at stopping anyone. I can buy into Oregon wining this game, but it could easily go either way .

Arizona 5-4 at USC 5-3: USC players are playing for interim coach Clay Helton. It seems they want him to get the head job at USC, so they will coe ready to play. The Trojans are favored by 17.5 points and probably will cover the spread. A motivated USC is probably the best 5-3 team in the country and it’s too bad for them the way things happened.

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