Ed Oliver Houston Defensive Tackle

Last year, a lot of people were surprised when Ed Oliver committed to the hometown Houston Cougars. After all, he was a 5 star recruit and everybody in the country was coming after him. He thumbed his nose at any SEC, Big 12, or any other coaches coming in trying to steal him away from the Houston Cougars.

On Saturday, Ed Oliver was all over the field against the Oklahoma Sooners.

Ed Oliver is the real deal. You can take that the bank.

He’s a 290 pound Defensive Tackle that runs like a Linebacker.


Ed Oliver entered the game Saturday against favored and 3rd ranked Oklahoma and immediately made an impact.

It wasn’t just that he made 7 tackles from his interior Defensive Line position, but with a Defensive Tackle or a Nose Guard/Tackle , it’s sometimes the little things that make a difference. Clogging up the middle, drawing double teams, and their very presence affects the outcome of the game.


Oliver is just another level of quickness for a man of his size. He used his quickness to record 2 Quarterback sacks in his first action as a college football player. Please keep in mind that this wasn’t Southernmost Southeastern Midwest New Mexico State Junior College Ed Oliver was playing against. He was matched up against an Offensive Line from Oklahoma. This was the Oklahoma

Sooners that made the playoffs last season and returned a lot of players.

The Oklahoma Sooners started off running all over the Houston Cougars. But, the rise of Oliver and his teammates led the Cougars to dominate the second half and win the game, 33 – 23.

The bad news for Houston Cougar opponents is that Ed Oliver is just getting started. The Cougars were calling Oliver their secret weapon during practices.

Ed Oliver is not a secret any more. Oliver is a future All American and a probable NFL player.

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