Danny Kanell and Alabama

I am not a fan of Twitter and I can only say that I have never seen as many silly comments made by people that didn’t put a lot of thought into what they are throwing all over the social media world.

Danny Kanell is a former Quarterback for Florida State and was one of their better ones after Charlie Ward. During the Florida State Dynasty period which I wrote about earlier in this blog, Kanell was a key member of the team: dynasty

Kanell led the Florida State Seminoles from 28 points down in the famous Choke at Doak game

against rival Florida.

In 1996, Danny Kanell was drafted by the New York Giants in the 4th round. In his second season, he started about 10 games and he led the Giants to the playoffs. The 1998 season, Kanell started the first 10 games and the Giants fell to 3-7 and he was benched.

That was pretty much the end in New York as he was cut in the off season, but he signed with Atlanta where he played for two seasons and he even started a couple of games.

From there, he played some Arena Football and then finished up his career with the Denver Broncos.

Danny Kanell was a pretty good college player and not a bad NFL player.

I’m not so sure about some of the comments he makes as a broadcaster. Maybe he got hit in the head a few too many times.

One of the things he is passionate about and he is almost a little bit insulting is his opinion on Alabama.

I am not quoting Kanell word for word because frankly I really don’t remember his exact wording and I really don’t like Twitter so I am not searching.

But, it went something like this. Kanell tweeted out that ‘anybody that has Alabama in their top 10 is nuts’.  I had Alabama at number 2 for the past couple of weeks, so this Kanell guy was basically calling me a nut. Danny Kanell is probably right about one thing, I am a nut.


But, if you look at the big picture of college football and you tell me that Alabama isn’t a top 10 team I am going to really stop listening to your opinions.

I don’t know Kanell’s exact positioning of his own top 10, but I am fairly confident he had LSU in his top 5. A lot of these guys had LSU in their top 4 all year long. Kirk Herbstreit had LSU as a playoff team all year long, and so did many others.


On Saturday, November the 7th, Alabama hosted the LSU Tigers in a very important SEC West match up. The LSU Tigers were rated higher, but Alabama was favored by the odds makers coming in.

Alabama dominated LSU from the opening Kickoff. Heralded Heisman candidate Leonard Fournette  had a serious dent kicked into his campaign as the Crimson Tide defense held to 31 yards rushing on 19 carries. His lowest rushing total coming in was 150 yards with his highest single game rushing

total was 244 yards.

While on the other side of the ball, Derrick Henry ran for a very impressive 210 yards on 38 carries and 3 Touchdowns.

People are even going to say this game moves Derrick Henry into the driver’s seat in the Heisman race.



I would like to hear from Danny Kanell this week regarding which 10 schools should be rated higher than Alabama after their complete dismantling of the mighty LSU Tigers.

I would actually be surprised if the Tigers lost another game this season, so again, what does that say about Alabama?

With Ole Miss losing in Overtime to Arkansas on Saturday, Alabama just dropped into the pole position like Ricky Bobby at Talladega for yet another SEC championship.



For the record, I am not an Alabama fan. But, the title off my blog says I am mostly unbiased which is true.

I don’t have any dogs in this fight and I don’t know what Danny Kanell has against Alabama other than the typical fan bias.

But, please tell me Mr Kanell which 10 teams are better than Alabama? Now would be your chance to set me and all of the others we are wrong.

Unfortunately, Danny Kanell does not read my blog.

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