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I have never been a big fan of homers or homerism, so my intention for this site is to cover college football across the nation as equally as possible. I first started calling this site an unbiased site, but it isn’t really totally unbiased. I am always going to favor the small guy that shouldn’t be out there. Or, the slower guy playing a fast man’s game. I will pull for the guy that demonstrates a lot of heart and I will pull for the guy that is super talented as well.

But, my intentions are to be as unbiased as possible.


Coming up I have my own Preseason All American team, All conference teams, All American Freshmen team, my Cinderella team for 2014, and plenty of historical articles about past great players, coaches, teams and games of the century.

During the season, I am going to have games of the week, and players of the week on both sides of the ball and every position. I am going to have a Heisman watch and all sorts of plans.

So, if you found this site on purpose or by accident, I do hope you come back.

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