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Bo Jackson’s Nephew

I admit my mistake and not blogging more about Bo Jackson of Auburn. I don’t know how you can call yourself a sports fan and not be a fan of the great Bo Jackson. I have blogged about Bo a little, but clearly not enough. This is an article about Bear Bryant’s last Iron Bowl and Bo Jackson’s first: Special Iron Bowl  Georgia Running Backs vs Auburn RB’s: Ga vs Aub RB’s

Like so many other teams from the 1980s, the Auburn Tigers ran the Wishbone formation. The great Bo Jackson ran out of one of the Halfback positions. Auburn had some really talented backs on the

field at the same time as Bo.

For his career, Bo Jackson ran for 4,303 yards and 43 Touchdowns and he won the Heisman Trophy in 1985. His Heisman winning season was clearly his best with 1,786 yards rushing. Bo could have had more career yards if not for breaking his collar bone against Texas in 1984.

Bo Jackson was one of the greatest athletes of all time. He was outstanding in football, baseball and track. His 40 yard dash times are the stuff of legends and he supposedly ran in the 4.1 range although that cannot be proven. The most impressive thing about a great 40 time is that Bo Jackson was 6-1, 230. He was Linebacker sized and matched them in strength, with his speed being off the charts.

Bo Jackson was a legend in both football and baseball, plus he could have been in track and field as well.

If you asked just about anyone that is older than about 45 who was Auburn’s all time greatest football player, the name Bo Jackson is going to come up. Younger people will pick Cam Newton, but Bo Jackson was one of the greatest athletes that ever lived.

Football recruiting has changed dramatically in recent years. High school kids are committing earlier and earlier. Some still wait until signing day, but it’s not as many as a few years ago. A lot of recruits commit before the summer of the senior years. Another new trend is graduating high school in December and enrolling at your new school in January. It’s happening more and more and unless you are playing a basketball, or a spring sport, the last semester of high school is a waste, anyway.

Shedrick Jackson, Bo’s nephew, is a star athlete at one of the nation’s best high school football teams, Hoover. With 12 state championships in football, Hoover s one of the best high school powerhouses in the country.

Hoover’s Shedrick Jackson recently committed to his Uncle’s school, Auburn.

A great student, Jackson was offered by great schools like Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt. He may have

even heard from Stanford, but in the end the lure of Bo Jackson may have been too much.

Besides being intelligent, Jackson may have inherited a little of Bo’s speed. At a recent football camp, Shedrick supposedly ran a couple of 40 yard dashes in the low 4.3 range.

Shedrick is not Bo’s size, but at 6-2, 200 going into his senior year of high school, he is plenty big to play Wide Receiver and that 4.3 speed will definitely help there.

He also knows about winning since he attended Hoover High School and they won their last state championship this past season.

We will have to wait another year to see Bo’s nephew at Auburn since he has another year of high school to play. But, Shedrick Jackson is a young man to keep an eye on over the next few seasons.