Brides, Whatever You Do, Don’t Plan Weddings on These Days

If you do happen to plan a wedding on one of the Saturdays below, the groom and your own father may not show up.

Just a word of advice for you ladies. If you want a picture of your wedding that looks like this please avoid the following days:

August 30: wedding picture

Please, ladies, scratch off August 30th for your possible wedding days. First of all, it’s too stinking hot in August. Also, you have had all summer to have a wedding.

But, 18th ranked Clemson goes to Georgia to take on the 11th ranked Bulldogs. This will be the first game for new starting QB senior Cole Stoudt for Clemson or Chad Kelly or maybe even true freshman Deshaun Watson. Georgia will counter with it’s own possible first time senior starter at QB Hutson Mason, or little used Faton Bauta or Brice Ramsey or it’s own true freshman, Jacob Park. Mason has actually started a game when he played in place of injured Aaron Murray in last year’s bowl game.

These teams met in the first game of 2013 and #8 Clemson slipped by #5 Georgia 38-35. Clemson lost a lot on offense but they will have a much better defense this season. Georgia’s offense could be good if a QB comes through and has made improvements to it’s own defense.

This game should be more of a defensive battle, but well worth watching and the game of the week for August 30th.

Also, this week #25 Oklahoma State takes on #1 Florida State in Arlington and this should be a mismatch.

Plus, # 21 Wisconsin vs # 8 LSU in Houston.

Please avoid scheduling weddings on this week, there are too many games and it’s been too long since football junkies have seen good football.

September 6: seminoles

Before any ladies start thinking they will just move on to the next weekend, September 6th, please consider the facts.

September 6th possibly has a better game than August 30th in #4 Michigan State traveling to Eugene, Oregon to take on the #7 Oregon Ducks. Michigan state has potentially one of the best defenses in the country and Oregon has potentially the top offense in the country.

This will be a battle that most groomsmen won’t want to miss.

Then, you have to figure in #12 USC taking on #5 Stanford in Palo Alto. Stanford will be out for revenge for USC surprising them last season. You don’t want to miss this one.

Throw in BYU at #19 Texas and Michigan at #17 Notre Dame. More games a real football fan won’t want to miss. Texas made BYU QB Hill look like the best QB in the nation last season. Will they have revenge at home?

September 13: football stadium

September 6th is still too hot in the South for a wedding, and so is September 13th.

Biggest game of the week looks to be # 11 Georgia at Columbia, South Carolina taking on the # 16 Gamecocks.

But, don’t count out # 10 UCLA visiting Arlington Texas to take on the #19 Texas Longhorns.

If you have to do the wedding in the Fall, September 13th might be your best bet. But, there’s that hot thing still. You don’t want to get that wedding dress all sweaty, right?

September 20:

September 20th is out. The weather is starting to cool off a bit in the evenings, but there’s that football thing.

If he’s a Clemson or a Florida State fan, he’s not coming to the wedding.

Clemson is coming into Tallahassee looking for some payback for last year. It’s probably not happening because the Seminoles are just that good.

Miami travels to Lincoln, Nebraska to take on the Huskers of Nebraska and it’s a big game for both of them. A win here, and the Hurricanes are a confirmed top 25 team. A win here for Nebraska moves them into the top 25.

In the SEC, Florida makes the trip to Tuscaloosa and tries to beat the Crimson Tide and Mississippi State heads to the Bayou State to take on LSU.

No self respecting man will want to miss these games. Sorry about that, ladies. bridezilla

September 27:

Now, it’s really too late, ladies. September 27th has arrived.

The weather has cooled some, but the football is just heating up.

The game of the week should be South Carolina hosting the Missouri Tigers.

Arkansas heads to Arlington to take on the Texas A&M Aggies. This could be a good game without Manziel.

Stanford visits Washington and Tennessee goes to Georgia. Florida State travels to North Carolina State to take on the last team to have beaten them.

October 4:

Come October, any hope of having a wedding is done. 7354746-worried-young-bride-looking-at-her-watch

This weekend has a huge line up and the entire month is loaded with top games.

Game of the week should be LSU at Auburn. LSU dominated Auburn last year and the War Eagles have not forgotten.

Alabama is at Ole Miss. Ole Miss wants to be in the upper echelon of the SEC and this is their chance. Texas A&M is at Mississippi State and Florida is at Tennessee.

Stanford goes to Notre Dame to take on the Irish.

Baylor tries to beat Texas again in Austin. jeremy langford

Arizona State is at USC.

Busy weekend for a football fan. No time for weddings.

Remember, I warned you first.

October 11th is the Texas-OU game, or the OU-Texas game. That will always be the game of the week, but a close second is Georgia at Missouri.

Oregon is at UCLA and USC at Arizona.

In the SEC Auburn is at Mississippi State and LSU travels to the Sunshine State, to take on the Gators.

October 18:

This Saturday brings Notre Dame to Tallahassee to take on Florida State. The Irish are a bit over matched here.
Texas A&M is at Alabama. Fall is truly in the air by now, and not a great time for weddings.
Stanford is at Arizona State and Washington at Oregon.

October 25:

It’s late in the Fall season and now it’s getting too cold for weddings, so let the fellas watch some football.

Big week for the Big 10. Michigan at Michigan State. Ohio State at Penn State. michigan banner

Maryland at Wisconsin. Welcome to the Big 10, Maryland.

South Carolina is at Auburn and Alabama is at Tennessee. Wow, and Ole Miss is at LSU.

Just bring your prospective groom a beer and enjoy the games with him, ladies. Be a sport.

November 1:

Stanford at Oregon game of the week. Will decide the champion of the North in the Pac 12.

Auburn at Ole Miss is a big game, too. Somebody may be knocked out of the race and both these teams have high hopes. auburn

Florida vs Georgia is usually a good one. Georgia is my preseason SEC East favorite, but Florida may have found a QB by now. Florida with an offense is scary.

Arizona is at UCLA. Is Brett Hundley going to be a Heisman candidate at this point of the season or will Winston have it wrapped up already. Stanford could be shutting down Marieta the same day.

November 8:

Ohio State travels up to Lansing to take on the Michigan State Spartans. MSU whipped them last season and won the title. Can Ohio State have their revenge? The better teams in the Big 10 are in the Eastern division and this game should decide champion. buckeye michigan state

But, believe it or not that may not even be the game of the week.

Alabama visiting Baton Rouge to take on the Tigers of LSU should be a battle to remember. Game of the year? Maybe.

Texas A&M takes on Auburn. Auburn beat the Aggies in Texas last year and kind of made the impression that they were vastly improved. The Aggies destroyed Auburn 2 years ago.

OU will host Baylor and will be seeking their revenge.

Groom’s not going to show up.

November 15:

Easy pick on game of the week. prayer at jordan hare

Auburn goes to Georgia. Auburn had the luckiest year last season and Georgia had the most unlucky, injury filled season. Georgia will be out for revenge for ‘Prayer at Jordan Hare’. I can’t wait for this one to get started.

Brides, do you really think your groom is going to want to miss this game?

Missouri goes to visit the Aggies for the 4th time in 5 years. Not sure how that happened.

Florida State catches some rays at South Beach. Miami’s expected starter at QB, 5th year senior Ryan Williams, has already torn his ACL in the Spring and Kevin Olsen could be the starter there. Tough break for Williams.

South Carolina goes to Florida. Mississippi State visits Alabama. LSU heads up to Arkansas and that game is usually eventful. Bret Bielema could have a much better season with the Razorbacks.

In the North, Nebraska travels to Wisconsin in what could determine the Big 10 West. Nebraska could surprise this season, but Camp Randall is one of the tougher places to visit in the nation and I expect the Badgers to be solid to very good this season. Gary Andersen will prove to be one of the nation’s great coaches.

Texas goes to Stillwater and Oklahoma State will be a tough out for most teams. Texas could be a much better team under Charlie Strong. osu

Out West, Utah is headed to Stanford and Utah surprisingly beat Stanford last season.

Washington plays at Arizona. Soon we will see if Peterson of Boise State is like his predecessor Hawkins, or the real deal. Arizona State is at Oregon State. Time for Todd Graham to prove himself and Taylor Casey is fun to watch.

November 20:

Thursday night game between North Carolina and Duke. This was a great game last season and Duke won the right to take on Florida State in the ACC championship game. This year could be different and UNC may be much improved. I am a Larry Fedora fan and think he will do well for the Tar Heels. This game could be good.

November 22:

USC vs UCLA is my game of the week, but this week is a little light. This game could determine who takes a beating from Stanford in the championship game. Or, maybe UCLA or USC could be improved enough to give the Cardinal a battle. Let’s hope so because previous Pac 12 championship games have been a little disappointing. If the West is going to rise up, it’s probably going to have to be USC or UCLA. Stanford has been good, but the Eastern media only obsesses about USC or the LA market.

Ole Miss takes on Arkansas and Missouri goes to Tennessee.vols

Oklahoma is at Baylor.

November 27: Turkey day. Time for eating and family and football, not weddings.

Interesting match ups here. LSU goes to Texas A&M and TCU visits Texas. Interesting that old rivals want to still play on Thanksgiving but they don’t want to play each other. I never got the lure of playing on Thanksgiving Day. Let the NFL have it.

People need to watch LSU’s Leonard Fournette on this day. Hopefully, by this time he has already had a big year.

November 28:

Friday after Thanksgiving is a good day for college football. UCLA makes their way up to take on Stanford in what could be the championship game later. I do not like rematches in college football and I don’t like the way the Pac 12 schedules. But, this should be a good game and will make the possible championship game a little dull for me.

Arizona State is at Arizona. Nebraska takes on Iowa at their place and Virginia is at Virginia Tech. Look for Virginia to make some head way this year, but it may not be enough vs the Hokies.

November 29:

Probably the best Saturday of the year for football. alabama vs auburn

Game of the day will be Auburn at Alabama. This was a classic last year, obviously, and another potential game of the year. Alabama will be seeking revenge but that’s easier said than done.

Up North, Michigan is at Ohio State for that classic rivalry. The Buckeyes should win easily and the Wolverines have a ways to go. There are a number of great games on this day. South Carolina is at Clemson and Florida goes to Florida State.

Miss State is at Ole Miss and Ole Miss is still ticked about last year. Georgia Tech is at Georgia and North Carolina State is at North Carolina. The Irish of Notre Dame travel to USC and Oregon is at Oregon State.

December 6:

Bedlam game in Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma State takes the short drive to Norman and takes on Oklahoma. OU has ruled this game since the beginning.

All of the championship games are on this day.

Very good day for football.

Ladies, please be considerate and plan your weddings accordingly. smiley face

I would love to hear from any women who disagree and any men that agree.

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  1. Dalice777

    All I’ve got to say is, I’ll never schedule my wedding on a football Saturday, because it will be ME that wants to watch the games! Ha! I would think a man would have snatched me up by now? Go figure! 🙂

  2. Jeff stone

    Wedding or football……people get married everyday but football is only around for part of the year!

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