Brandon Bridge South Alabama

What I probably like about my blog best is the chance to watch so many football games due to needing to know what’s going on out there. I would always watch the big time programs before but make it a point to watch as many games as I can.

I would never have seen a South Alabama football game in the past.

I was really impressed with Brandon Bridge of South Alabama.

He is 6-5, 235. Physically, he reminded me of Vince Young. Big, tall quarterback that can run makes a person start thinking about Vince Young, Cam Newton and Terrelle Pryor.

Bridge does not have big rushing numbers, but he is the same type of runner potentially as any of the guys listed above. Potentially is the key word here because he has not done it.

What really impressed me about Brandon Bridge was his mechanics and his arm strength. At 6-5, 235, Brandon Bridge is the prototype NFL Quarterback that most franchises seem obsessed with. Despite a lot of players like Drew Brees over the years that break the mold, NFL teams still continue to love the 6-4, 6-5 type of Quarterbacks and Brandon Bridge should be perfect for what they are looking for.

Brandon Bridge will never be like Cam Newton, Vince Young or Terrelle Pryor in college because he is a senior already and is in his second year at South Alabama.  But, he looks like he might be a guy that is really rough around the edges and can continue to develop at the Pro level if given the opportunity. He may need to be on a practice squad or a 3rd team guy for a few years.

But, if you saw him throw the football, you might want to give him a shot.


Last season, Bridge backed up Ross Metheny at Quarterback for South Alabama. Metheny was an established starter and a senior with experience so Bridge got just a little playing time and threw for 398 yards.

This season, Brandon Bridge is the starter and  possibly starting to come on and have a big season. His best game was this past weekend against Appalachian State where he completed 19 out of 28 passes which was good for 329 yards passing and he threw for 3 Touchdowns and ran for another. Bridge even played fairly well against Mississippi State, one of the nation’s best defenses. Plus, playing Mississippi State may have prepared him well for the Sun Belt Conference competition which lies in wait.

It’s hard to find any real information about Brandon Bridge. South Alabama football rosters say basically parts unknown. What is this, the World Wrestling Entertainment? Is this the WWE? Where’s Vince McMahon.

My grandfather used to watch pro wrestling and always a guy would come out with a mask on and he was from parts unknown.

But, I have never seen this in football.

After further searching, it turns out Brandon Bridge really did come from somewhere. He hails from Mississauga, Ontario.

Nothing much is known about his high school playing days, if he even had any. He is a very rough, but very intriguing prospect and expect him to get better and better as the season ends. I doubt any NFL team will draft him, but that could change with a really huge season and if NFL teams will draft EJ Manuel in the 1st round, then they might be willing to take a shot at this guy with the cannon for an arm.

As the season progresses, keep an eye on Brandon Bridge of South Alabama. He might just impress you.

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