Bowl Games that are Worth Ditching the In-Laws

I’ve always enjoyed watching the Sun Bowl. The University of Texas at El Paso’s football program doesn’t have a lot of history, but I do love their stadium nestled in among the mountains. Even if the game’s not good, I sometimes turn it on just for the views.

But, this season the Sun Bowl should have a pretty good game. Arizona State Sun Devils take the leisurely 6 hour drive down Interstate 10 to El Paso in what is practically a home game. Easterners don’t have a clue how much in the middle of nowhere that El Paso, Texas really is.

From El Paso to Austin, Texas is over 8 hours of driving. If you were driving from California to the East Coast and drove through El Paso, it would take you 11 and a half hours to just get through Texas.

The point is, El Paso is a long distance from anywhere and everywhere.

If Duke fans were to drive to this game, it would take them 26 hours. I’m thinking there will be a huge home field advantage for the Sun Devils.

The Sun Devils had something of a disappointing season. They did finish at 9-3, but they expected to win at least the South Division of the Pac 12. Their in-state rivals, the Arizona Wildcats, stole the South championship from them. But, it didn’t matter because Oregon was by far the best team in the West this season.

The Sun Devils do have some dangerous offensive weapons particularly Wide Receiver Jaelen Strong and Running Back DJ Foster. They have excellent Quarterbacks Taylor Kelly and Mike Bercovici.

Duke had a similar let down. Last season, they won the ACC Coastal and had it in the bag again in 2014. The Blue Devils were sailing along until they were upset by Virginia Tech and then by North Carolina. They had even beaten a really good Georgia Tech who wound up winning the Coastal Division, earlier in the season.

The Duke Blue Devils have senior Quarterback Anthony Boone and outstanding Wide Receiver Jamison Crowder, also a senior.

It’s Devil vs Devil in El Paso, Texas.

Send the Wife and the in-laws on an errand and watch this game on Saturday the 27th.

Georgia takes on Louisville in the Belk Bowl at Charlotte, North Carolina on December 30th. Hopefully, the in-laws will be gone by that time, but if they aren’t you will need to come up with some brilliant ideas to get them out of the house.

Georgia is a fun team to watch, generally. If they get their running game with Nick Chubb rolling, they are difficult to slow down. But, Louisville has a solid defense.

Louisville Safety, Gerrod Holliman picked off an astounding 14 passes this year tying the all time one year Interception record that has stood for over 40 years. If Holliman snags one Interception in this game, he is the new king. He has already declared for the NFL draft after his redshirt sophomore season.

These are two teams that have something to prove and should bring their A game for this game.

On Wednesday, December 31, you need to make sure the in-laws take your kids to Disney World.

Ole Miss is ranked 9th in some polls and takes on TCU in the Peach Bowl. The TCU Horn frogs will have a major chip on their shoulder and be out to prove they belonged in the playoffs.

TCU has the 4th rated Offense in the country. Ole Miss has that Land Shark defense.

Great offense vs great defense is always an intriguing match up.

This is also Ole Miss Quarterback Bo Wallace’s last chance to silence his critics.

The same day has Boise State versus Arizona in the Fiesta Bowl. Forget about defense in this game. Both of these have explosive offenses and they don’t stress defense.

If you are a fan of offense, this might be your game.

The Orange Bowl is the same day and features Mississippi State, the former top rated team,  against Georgia Tech. The Mississippi State Bulldogs bring their 10-2 record and face Georgia Tech’s Flexbone offense.

It’s the Flexbone versus the Psycho Defense.

I’m glad they decided to split up the games better which allows us more opportunity to catch every game.

On January 1st, there are several good games, including the 2 playoff games involving the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl.

12-1 Oregon takes on 13-0 Florida State in Pasadena making this one of the more interesting Rose Bowls in several years.

The Sugar Bowl has Alabama beating up on Ohio State. I am just hoping this is a good game and not the blow out I suspect.


New Year’s day isn’t done with just those games. Michigan State travels to Dallas to take on Baylor in the Cotton Bowl which is no longer played at the Cotton Bowl.

Baylor is in the same boat as TCU. They will be out to prove they belonged in the Playoffs even though they really didn’t. It’s not Joe Public’s fault that Baylor chooses to play a super cream puff schedule that would make the SEC proud.

This should be a battle between the green teams, but Baylor isn’t really green anymore.

The Michigan State Spartans had one of the nation’s best defenses in 2013, and they were fairly good in 2014. Baylor does not attempt defense, for whatever reason.


There are a couple of other games involving the SEC and the Big 10. SEC fans claim the Big 10 is the weakest conference in the country but they are so eager to play them come Bowl season. The games are usually tighter than expected.


The in-laws expect their son in law to watch football on New Year’s Day, so no worries here.

After the traditional Bowl Games are over with, all that is left is the National Championship game featuring the winners of the 2 Semifinal games.

Most people think it will be between the Crimson Tide of Alabama and the Oregon Ducks.

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