Biggest Disappointments of Week 1

1. Stanford – They fell 6 to 16 against Northwestern. Northwestern very well may be the most improved team in the country, but Stanford just looked discombobulated all the way from their water boy up to the head guy. Is it time to dispense with the David Shaw to every big time program that needs a coach talk? Jim Harbaugh built Stanford and Shaw had maintained it up until last year. After last year’s strong finish, the talk was that Stanford could win the Pac 12 North. It doesn’t appear from Saturday’s game that Stanford will be a contender this year after all. The biggest disappointment for me was the play of 5th year senior Quarterback Kevin Hogan. He was visibly shaken and looked lost and his passes were off most of the day. Northwestern pass rush had something to do with that, but he’s seen fierce defenders in his face before. The defense replaced most of their starters and they

played well enough to win. The offense had a lot of talent returning and they were awful led by the erratic passing of Hogan.

2. Texas – Where to start here? The mess the nation witnessed last night was caused by none other than ABC commentator Mack Brown, who was seen cowardly backing down from a confrontation with Mark May that Lou Holtz would have jumped on with both feet. The Offensive Line still couldn’t block Tryone Swoopes 1-9 Texas Class A High School football team’s defense. Speaking of Swoopes, if there is a worse Quarterback starting in Division 1, I would love to know who it is. Sure, he was under heavy pressure much of the night and Notre Dame was better than Texas, but he clearly is clueless and a supposed 4 star recruit out of a Class A high school in Texas should have been able to win 9 games all by himself at that level of football. Something does not compute here. Back up Quarterback Jerrod Heard got little playing time and the Defense was all over him, but at least he completed the only pass that he threw. Time to start from scratch at Texas which they almost have, but it needed to go deeper, apparently. Nobody in their right mind expected Texas to beat Notre Dame, but most

expected a little more fire out of the Longhorns.

3. Penn State – Temple had not beaten Penn State since 1941 and that included 39 tries. 39 straight losses and that all ended with a 27 to 10 Temple win. Supposed first round draft pick Christian Hackenberg was just awful hitting just 11 of 26 passes for 103 yards. In his defense, again, he was running for his life much of the game. I have not seen the entire game yet, but the Nittany Lions had hopes of having a good season in 2015. It’s just one game, but the Lions disappointed greatly on opening Saturday.

4. Michigan State – Sure, they won. They did not look overwhelming in beating Western Michigan. The Associated Press had them ranked #5 and from Friday night’s game they did not look like a top 5 team. The game was at Western Michigan and maybe the Spartans were thinking ahead to Oregon. Let’s hope so, for their sake.

5. Kentucky –  A win is a win for the Kentucky Wildcats in football, but they were only able to beat Louisiana-Lafayette 40 – 33 at home on Saturday. Lafayette is not a bad team, but they are a team that a contender in the SEC East should be able to handle more easily. More than likely it’s going to be another year of Kentucky not really being a contender in the SEC East. Kentucky is a basketball

school so there may not be a firing this year.

6. Indiana – I like their offense and I like their coach, but the Hoosiers clearly lack defense and were lucky to escape with a 48-47 win over FCS opponent Southern Illinois. New Running Back Jordan Howard, the transfer from the University of Alabama Birmingham who I posted about here: Jordan Howard  Howard did start off his career at Indiana with 145 yards rushing and Quarterback Nate Sudfeld threw for 349 yards. The Hoosier offense could be competitive in 2015, but clearly their defense is not at this point giving up 47 points to an FCS team.

7. LSU – LSU was not disappointing in their play. The disappointment is that lightening stopped their game and we did not get to see the team that some experts are picking to make the Playoffs.

8. Washington State – Losing to a FCS team is never an option, yet Portland State beat the

Washington State Cougars on Saturday.

9. Kansas – It’s really not surprising that Kansas lost, but like Washington State it’s sometimes who you lose to. The South Dakota State beat Kansas 41-38 in Lawrence, Kansas for a severe black eye to the Big 12 Conference.

10. Colorado –  I keep hoping the Buffaloes make a come back and I like their coach, but it’s not looking good as they got beat by Hawaii 28 to 20.

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