Big 10 Week 2; It Was a Rough One

Devastatingly bad week for the Big 10 Conference. The Big 10 took some huge hits this weekend that they may not be able to recover from this year and it may take years actually to regain any respect.

The Big 10’s biggest hopes at gaining a playoff spot laid at the feet of Michigan State, Ohio State and maybe Wisconsin. All have stumbled and fallen and they may not recover this season.

Michigan State had a chance to show the world that they belonged in the top 5 in Eugene, Oregon but lost to the mighty Ducks 27 to 46 in the long awaited game.michigan state

Ohio State lost their QB Braxton Miller before the season even got going and they have looked pretty rough since that time. Navy game was a lot closer than expected and then Virginia Tech came into Columbus, Ohio and beat the Buckeyes at home and at night which is something that nobody really does. The Hokies surprisingly beat the Buckeyes 35-21.

Wisconsin had a 24-7 lead on LSU last week and let the Tigers come back and win with a struggling offense and a new QB that looked lost half of the time. The Badgers own QB looked the same, but their defense was good for most of the game.

The Badgers recovered this week and beat Western Illinois 37-3. Nobody will confuse Western Illinois with anyone from the SEC West, but a win is a win.

If anyone in the Big 10 recovers and makes up ground it’s going to have to be Michigan State or Wisconsin, but it feels as if the Spartans have been exposed for 2014.

As for the rest of the Big 10, it was mostly a mess. bo pelini

I never thought I would see the day when Nebraska was tied with McNeese State with time running out in the 4th quarter.

The once proud Nebraska Cornhuskers being tied with McNeese State late in the game is just unbelievable.

Ameer Abdullah, after being shut down for most of the day had a Heisman quality play off of a short yardage reception. He broke several tackles and used his spectacular speed to save the Cornhuskers and their cat carrying coach.

The Huskers survived 31-24 after being outplayed, outcoached and outworked by the McNeese State Cowboys. Abdullah may move up the Heisman watch list after today, but the team should drop out of the polls at this point.

Sorry, Nebraska fans, I don’t believe you will get back to the top with this coaching staff. Nebraska should never be mediocre.

Purdue was just awful. Sad for the guys my age that can remember the days of Drew Brees and way back to Mike Phipps and Johnny Keys. 1968 the Boilermakers were #1 early in the season. Times have changed.

Today’s Purdue lost to Central Michigan 38-17. This was a crushing loss for the Boilermakers.

Northwestern showed a lot of promise a couple of years ago and beat Mississippi State of the mighty SEC in a bowl game before cratering last season.buckeye

This season is looking bleak, too, with a loss in week one to Cal Berkeley and then they lost this week to Northern Illinois 23-15.

Iowa struggling with Ball state. These guys were really good as recently as 2006 and played against LSU in a bowl last season but are in a dog fight with Ball State. Iowa did hang on to beat Ball State 17-13, but that doesn’t exactly impress voters or make anyone think of Rose Bowl games.

Illinois was in a shootout with Western Kentucky and held on to win 42-34. Oklahoma State transfer at QB Wes Lunt threw for an amazing 456 yards on 35 completions out of 50 attempts and 3 TDs.michigan banner

David Cobb from Minnesota had an amazing day running for 220 yards on 29 carries and had 3 TDs. Minnesota beat Middle Tennessee 35-24.

Penn State recovered from their trip to Ireland and looked rather unimpressive in a 21-3 win over Akron. But, right now for the Penn State program and the Big 10 any win is appreciated.

Michigan wasn’t really as bad as the score indicated but still lost rather convincingly 31-0 to Notre Dame in their last game for at least a while. The Wolverines actually had more yardage than the Irish but things just didn’t go their way.

Good thing Maryland and Rutgers joined the conference. But, Maryland struggled with the University of South Florida before prevailing 24-17.

Rutgers beat Howard 38-25. Both schools are 2-0 which was much needed by the conference.

The Big 10 needs to in out this season and do very well in the Bowl games if they want any shot at the playoffs next season. Things are looking rather bleak for the Big 10 for this year.

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