Beamer Ball III

4th and 16 on your own 48 yard line with 3:44 left on the clock and you have a 1 point lead and you fake the punt.

Of course it fails and your opponent with slightly less than 4 minutes  left in the game gets the ball on their own 42.

That was exactly what happened in the Virginia Tech versus Duke game on Saturday. Virginia Tech was trying to run out the clock and seal the 17-16 victory over ACC Coastal leading Duke. Instead of pinning Duke deep and hoping their defense holds yet again they decided to fake a punt with 16 yards to go for a first down with the line of scrimmage being their own 48.

May have been the single most ignorant play I have ever seen in all of my years of watching football.

Color Commentator on ESPN U said “Whyyyyyyyyyyy?” Yes, Frank Beamer, why?

That settled it for me. I like Virginia Tech Quarterback Michael Brewer because of his father and grandfather being personal heroes of mine.

But, Duke deserved to win the game because of Virginia Tech’s stupidity.

Virginia Tech defense had held Duke’s high powered offense in check most of the day. Which makes it hard to believe why they wouldn’t want to pin them deep.

For years I have to listen to the media talk about Beamer Ball. It was Beamer Ball, Beamer Ball, Beamer Ball time after time after time. Constant hype just gets really tiresome even if it were to be a true statement.

Virginia Tech had one shot at a national title and Florida State beat the Hokies mostly because of special team mistakes.

In the end, ironically, it was Duke missed Field Goals that won the game for the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Duke was 8-1 and ranked while the Hokies were having a miserable year at 4-5. Duke is now 8-2 and Virginia Tech improved to 5-5.

Frank Beamer and his Virginia Tech Hokies still could earn a bowl berth with Wake Forest and Virginia remaining on their schedule.

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