Arizona’s Poindexter

The word Poindexter is synonymous with nerd, or geek. When college football recruiters came across the name Shawn Poindexter, they must not have taken him very seriously.

But, it was probably more because Shawn Poindexter played volleyball and he is a newcomer to the game of football.

But, any time a Wide Receiver is around 6-7, 215 and he can run, it’s time to not worry about his name and put out full effort to land the guy.

Arizona rarely recruits many really big name guys. This past class was rated 47th by ESPN. Shawn

Poindexter was Arizona’s lowest rated recruit and he was not even rated at all.

Neither was Jack Conklin from Michigan State and he was just one of the top players picked in last year’s NFL Draft.

Poindexter is from Peoria, Arizona and he played at Glendale Junior College. While in high school, he played football, basketball and volleyball and he actually signed to play volleyball at a small college.

But, he never went.

Instead, he sat out and then enrolled at Glendale where he caught 47 passes a year ago. It’s strange, but he had little attention from the big boys despite being one of the nation’s leaders in receptions and yardage. Pop in his tape and see him catch passes and outrun Junior College Defensive Backs for big yardage. He is tall, he can jump, and he can run, plus apparently he has decent to good hands. Why not take him?

Two years ago, the Arizona had 4 guys that stood 6-3, or taller, at their Wide Receiver positions. They had Texas transfer Cayleb Jones, Austin Hill and Trey Griffey that stood 6-3. David Richards was 6-4.

All of those guys are gone now, except for Trey Griffey, so Poindexter will bring some much needed size to the Wide Receiver ranks.

They have plenty of shorter speedy guys playing the receiver positions, but they needed some size

and along comes Shawn Poindexter.

Early reports out of Tucson are looking good for Shaun Poindexter and his teammates are high on him.

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez loves to throw the football and the Wildcats not only lost size, they lost 3 out of their top 4 guys at Wide Receiver.

Shawn Poindexter comes along at the right time in  a position of need for the Wildcats and he likely will have a productive season in 2016.

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