Ameer Abdullah Nebraska Player of the Week 2

Times have changed in the college football world.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have traditionally been one of the top programs in college football. The 1971 version of the Cornhuskers are considered to be one of the top football teams in the history of the game by many people. The 1983 version of Nebraska was considered another team that was best of all time until they got upset by Miami in the 1984 Orange Bowl. nebraska symbol

Then, again, in 1995 the Nebraska Cornhuskers had a team that many considered the best of all time. The 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers won the national championship by absolutely destroying Florida in the Fiesta Bowl 62-24.

If not for the hated Nebraska Nemesis Texas Longhorns, the Cornhuskers may have won 4 national championships in a row in 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. Texas upset them in the first Big 12 championship game and cost them a shot at another championship. Nebraska was the far better team, but Texas just had Nebraska’s number for whatever reason.

Florida State or Nebraska would have to be considered the team of the 1990’s with the Florida State Seminoles being right in the middle of their “Dynasty” period.

Nebraska is obviously one of the top programs in the history of college football. They are right up there with just about any other school in the country. tom osborne

Dr Tom Osborne retired after the 1997 national championship season with an incredible 255 wins and only 49 losses and 3 ties.

Dr Osborne was succeeded by Nebraska assistant Frank Solich. Solich had a record of 58-19 at Nebraska and played for the National championship in 2001 against the Miami Hurricanes who many people even consider the best college team of all time. That Husker team had Heisman Trophy Eric Crouch, one of the better option quarterbacks of all time other than Tommie Frazier.

Nebraska, under Solich, only went 7-7 in 2002, but the team improved dramatically in 2003 and went 10-3. Nebraska fired Frank Solich with a 58-19 overall record and after a 10-3 season.

What top coach wants to take a job where you get fired after a 10-3 season? Exactly.

The Huskers were turned down by quite a few coaches before settling on Bill Callahan.

Callahan only lasted 4 years and went 27-22 over that time. Nebraska fired Callahan and hired Bo Pelini and they left the Big 12 conference for the Big 10. There was talk of Cornhusker domination in the Big 10 but that has never materialized. They still have not won the Big 10.

In spite of any hardships, Nebraska has still sold out their stadium for every home game since 1962 and that probably won’t ever change. Nebraska is known for their great fans.

For McNeese State to come into Lincoln, Nebraska and be tied with the Cornhuskers at 24 to 24 with little time left on the clock was just stunning. ameer abdullah

How could the once mighty Nebraska Cornhuskers be tied with the lowly McNeese State Cowboys with time running out? It should be a blow out in favor of the legendary Cornhuskers but they were being outplayed, out coached and out worked by McNeese State.

The Cowboys kicked off to the Huskers with only a few minutes left on the clock. Husker

Quarterback Tommy Armstrong hit WR Jordan Westerkamp on a deep pass on about the Cowboy 5 yard line and the game was seemingly won. However, the play was called back on a holding penalty.

With less than a minute left, Armstrong hit this week’s player of the week, Ameer Abdullah on a short pass in the flat.

Abdullah was hit by a Cowboy player near the sideline and he broke the tackle. Then he was hit by about 3 Cowboys and should have been tackled but he made an amazing recovery and spun and then took it 58 yards for a Husker Touchdown saving the Huskers from probable Overtime against the McNeese State Cowboys that are not even in the same college football division as the Huskers. It could have been truly embarrassing for the Cornhuskers and for the Big 10 ameer abdullah 2Conference much like Appalachian State embarrassed the Michigan Wolverines a few years back.

Ameer Abdullah is a senior dark horse Heisman Trophy candidate for the Cornhuskers. Originally from Homewood, Alabama, Abdullah has 3,263 yards career rushing yards at Nebraska and had a very impressive 1,690 yards in 2013.

Abdullah is only 5-9, 195 but has excellent speed and moves and apparently can break tackles with the best of them.

But, the McNeese State Cowboys had held Abdullah in check most of the game. He only had 54 yards rushing in the entire game on 17 carries for a very modest 3.2 yards per carry. He only had 2 catches before making the catch to win the game.

Even though his stats were really unimpressive overall, winning the game for the Huskers by breaking quite a few tackles and refusing to be stopped he has made this week’s player of the week.

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