Aaron Judge: College Football Missed Out

You made the right choice going with baseball, but it would have been fun to watch you play Tight End in college and maybe even further.

In case you haven’t noticed, Aaron Judge is the new New York Yankee sensation. He’s an amazing 6-7, 280. Maybe if a fight breaks out, getting a few players away from Judge might be a good idea.

How does young New York Yankee Aaron Judge relate to college football?

He doesn’t.

However, Notre Dame and Stanford recruited him to play Tight End when he was in high school and these schools are well known for their productive Tight Ends. That means some things to me. Judge is obviously a very good athlete and he’s also undoubtedly a smart guy. Those two schools don’t play around with guys with bad grades.

Aaron Judge chose baseball and attended Fresno State to play there. But, that was when he graduated from high school in 2010 and he was also drafted by the Oakland A’s back then, but in the 31st round. Judge was a star at Fresno State and sadly he never put on the football pads for them.

The Yankees drafted him with their 1st pick of the 2013 draft. He was injured initially and then slowly worked his way up through the minor league system with stops in Charleston, Tampa, Trenton and Scranton/Wilkes-Barr. Of course, he blasted the ball over the outfield wall just like he did in high school and at Fresno State. This kid has some power, no doubt.

His first at bat in the major leagues resulted in a home run. Was anyone surprised?

The guy in front of him in the lineup, first baseman Tyler Austin, also jacked it out of the park and it was also his first major league at bat according to Wikipedia. Austin’s story may be even more interesting because of his early battle with cancer.

The Yankees studied his behavior and toughness while fighting cancer and drafted him out of Conyers, Georgia back in 2010.

Austin took a little longer to make it to the show, but he’s there and hopefully to stay.

Sometimes, when watching basketball, or baseball, I wonder what some guy could do on the football field.

Aaron Judge, because of his immense size for baseball, is just the latest. He plays in the Outfield for the Yankees, so I assume he would have plenty of speed to be a good receiver at Tight End. He also seems to have plenty of power, which translates into great blocking.

But, with the salaries these baseball guys are getting in modern times, baseball makes a lot more sense. Plus, a much less chance of concussions.

That said, I sure would have loved to have seen Aaron Judge lined up at Tight End for the Golden Domers. Notre Dame Tight Ends

A 6-7, 280 Tight End with a full head of steam would be awfully hard to tackle. New England Tight End Rob Gronkowski is listed as 6-6, 265 and Judge is a little bigger.

Aaron Judge just might be the next big thing in baseball, but he could have been a great Tight End, too.

College football and maybe the NFL’s loss was Major League Baseball’s gain.

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