2014 First Football Game

Newcomer football program Georgia State hosted another newcomer Abilene Christian University in a Nationally televised game. Georgia State has only been playing football for 5 years, and Abilene Christian just moved to Division 1 last season.

This game is the only opportunity for both programs for showcasing their new programs and they both needed to take advantage of this chance. After tomorrow, the attention goes to more established programs and these 2 teams will be sadly forgotten.

Probably very few people that clicked on this blog want to know all of the small details of a football game between Georgia State and Abilene Christian. But, let me just say that this game was a lot better than  expected.


Georgia State looked to be running away with this game and to begin dominating but Abilene Christian came roaring back to make it entertaining.


It was 21-16 in favor of the Georgia State Panthers at halftime.


I was looking to see former 5 star Running Back for Abilene Christian, Herschel Sims.

Sims was not that much of a factor in this game as Georgia State held him in check and he was injured in the second half. Recruiting services aren’t always right in their rankings and a lot of things can happen, but Sims was ineffective in this game.

Parker McKenzie, Abilene Christian’s little QB stole the show for their offense. While, surprise starter Nick Arbuckle for Georgia State had a good performance for the most part on the other side.


Abilene Christian had a 37-35 lead with 4:31 left in the game and Georgia State fighting hard to get their first win in 2 years.


But, ACU was desperate to prove it belongs in Division 1 football.


ACU punted to GSU with 2:41 left in the game and the Panthers got the ball at their own 19 yard line.


The Panthers drove the ball to the ACU 10 and kicked the Field Goal to win the game, 38-37.


The ACU Wildcats will win some games and hopefully this won’t be the only victory for the Georgia State Panthers. Both of these teams got to play on national television and put on an outstanding show, which should help with recruiting.


This was an outstanding football game and a good sign of outstanding things to come for the 2014 season.


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