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The name Woodrow Lowe sounds like it came straight out of an old Western movie. Actually, the Captain on Lonesome Dove was Woodrow F. Call. Woodrow could work for a name in a Western or for a name of an old school Alabama Linebacker.

Woodrow Lowe was an undersized Linebacker at Alabama for the legendary Bear Bryant. The Bear built his defenses around speed more than size and  Lowe was an even 6 foot and 210 pounds as a

senior for the Crimson Tide.

But, Lowe was all over the field making tackles left and right and still holds the Alabama record for season tackle amounts during his sophomore season of 1973.

The media, the other coaches and players took notice of Woodrow Lowe and he was a rare 3 time All American during the 1973, 1974 and 1975 seasons.

The Crimson Tide, while Lowe was a player, won 4 straight SEC titles and a national championship.

Even an Alabama Crimson Tide hater should admit that Bear Bryant was possibly the top coach of all time and Woodrow Lowe was one of his best ever players.

I always loved watching the Tide play under Bryant and I loved watching Woodrow Lowe.

Woodrow is the older brother of another Lowe Linebacker that played on the 1982 team that I blogged about here: Bear Bryant’s last Iron Bowl

Eddie Lowe was the younger brother of Woodrow and he played at Alabama as a walk-on. Eddie signed with Tennessee Chattanooga and transferred to Alabama after a year and became a starter. Woodrow was small for a Linebacker and Eddie was smaller at about 5-10 or 5-11. NFL scouts considered him too small for the NFL so he signed with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League and he played there for 9 seasons.

Eddie Lowe is the current mayor of Phenix City, Alabama where both brothers grew up and played high school football. Incidentally, he is the first black mayor of Phenix City.

After finishing up at Alabama, Woodrow Lowe was a 5th round draft pick taken by the San Diego Chargers in the 1976 NFL Draft.

He played Linebacker for the Charger for 11 seasons and he had an impressive 21 career

interceptions. However, the most spectacular stat that Lowe put up was missing only 1 game throughout his entire career.

He was smaller, but had great speed and was equally effective against the run and the pass.


In 2009, Woodrow Lowe was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.
When Woodrow Lowe retired from football, he got into coaching at first in the NFL with the Raiders of Oakland and the Kansas City Chiefs.

He returned to the his home town and was an assistant coach for a few years and then was an assistant at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. He held a couple of head coaching jobs in the high school ranks but didn’t do that well.

Lowe may not have been the best football coach but he was an outstanding football player in high school, college and the NFL.

Over the years I have had many favorite players and some of them because they were underdog types either being too small or too slow.

Woodrow Lowe made up for his lack of size with great speed, hitting ability and intensity and earned his way into my favorite player category.

Clearly, it wasn’t just myself that thought he was great which was proven by his selection 3 times as an All American.

Woodrow Lowe worked and played his way into legendary status almost like Woodrow Call of Lonesome Dove fame. Both of them are pretty high on my list.

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