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The Wrecking Nall For the Heisman

We all know that Lamar Jackson from Louisville will not repeat as the Heisman Trophy winner this season. Nobody has earned that honor since Archie Griffin from Ohio State back in 1974 and 1975. We also know that Ryan Nall AKA the Wrecking Nall won’t win the Heisman, either. But, why not have a little fun and it is, after all, my own blog.

When Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey broke Barry Sanders all purpose yardage that had stood for nearly 30 years, you would have thought that McCaffrey would win the Heisman. But, he didn’t. A lot of voters even said they hadn’t seen McCaffrey play until after they had cast their votes and he was playing in the Rose Bowl and scoring on the very first play. Which is kind of strange since

Oregon’s Marcus Mariota had just won the Trophy in the 2014 season.

Stanford is much more publicized than the Oregon State Beavers.

Ryan Nall signed with Oregon State as a 6-2, 225 Athlete from Portland’s Central Catholic High School. He is a member of that incredible 2014 Running Back class, but the Beavers recruited him as a Tight End. Nall redshirted as a true freshman and he bulked up to around 255.

During Beaver head coach Gary Andersen’s first season in Corvallis, they used Nall as a Fullback in short yardage situations. Nall showed instincts as well as tough running and given the chance, he made some big runs for the Beavers. It’s almost bizarre to see a 240 to 250 pound Running Back take off and leave 180 to 190 pound Defensive Backs in the open field, but that’s just what Nall did and more than once.

As a sophomore, Ryan Nall ran for 951 yards on 147 carries which averaged 6.47 yards per carry. He also scored 13 Touchdowns rushing. A former Tight End, Nall obviously can catch the ball and he caught 22 passes for 214 yards and 2 more Touchdown.

These aren’t Heisman numbers, I will admit.

But Stanford Running Back star Christian McCaffrey averaged 6.34 yardes per carry. Leonard

Fournette the LSU super star averaged 6.53 yards. Oregon Duck’s big and fast Running Back Royce Freeman averaged 5.63 yards when he carried the ball. Penn State speedster Saquon Barkley averaged 5.50 yards when he carried the ball.

D’Onta Foreman from Texas rushed for 2,028 yards and averaged 6.11 every time he carried the ball. Florida State’s super star, Dalvin Cook, had 6.13 yards per carry. Corey Clement of Wisconsin averaged 4.38 yards and they are known for big play Running Backs like Melvin Gordon and Ron Dayne. Ryan Nall’s 6.47 yards per carry is right up there with the best of them.

To use a corny saying, please coach give the Wrecking Nall the rock. Let him carry the ball, coach.

The only top Running Back from last season that was comparable in size was D’Onta Foreman who is around 250 pounds. Nall was listed as 255 in 2015, but apparently he shed some poundage this past season and is listed as 235. Nall might be faster than Foreman, although Foreman ran a 4.45 at the Texas Pro Day. Foreman received 323 carries in 2016 while busting the 2,000 yard barrier. Nall had 147 carries. Imagine the Wrecking Nall with 323 carries in a season. He also would have pulverized the 2,000 yard obstacle.

Gary Andersen, the Oregon State Beavers head coach, does not read my blog. But, if he did I would

ask him why not give the ball to Ryan Nall a few more times.  Do what Stanford’s David Shaw would do, give your star the ball.

Feed the beast, coach.

Ryan Nall, the Wrecking Nall, has zero shot at winning the Heisman. My prediction is he will get not a single vote. If he ran for over 2000 yards in 2017, he will be left off the ballot.


That’s just the way it is.