2014 Big 10 Predictions

No more Legends and Leaders divisions in the Big 10. Personally, I felt that the names were pretty cool and especially the Legends name.

Now, it’s just East and West which is fine. But, it lacks a certain flair that the Legends Division had.

The East is going to be the toughest division. It’s not the SEC West tough, but it’s a pretty tough league.

This is how the East should finish up:  michigan state

1. Michigan State- Spartans have a killer defense. Their offense should be improved this season with the development and maturity of Connor Cook.

2. Ohio State- The Buckeyes won’t like this ranking and I would never underestimate an Urban Meyer coached team. Braxton Miller is a legitimate Heisman candidate. Defense may be better.

3. Penn State- James Franklin is a miracle worker. Christian Hackenberg has a year under his belt and should be even better. O’Brien was a good coach and did a good job here, but I think Franklin takes it a step further.

4. Michigan- Something just doesn’t add up here. Sorry Michigan fans.

5. Maryland- Newcomers to the B1G. They should be at least competitive.

6. Rutgers- I would imagine Big 10 members want to keep more New Jersey prospects in the Big 10.

7. Indiana- Not much hope for the Hoosiers in football.

West: badger helmet

1. Wisconsin- Badgers play good defense and at times they play really good offense. One of the top running teams in the country. They should rule the West in 2014.

2. Iowa- The Hawkeyes have potential. But, will they play up to it, is the question.

3. Nebraska- It’s been rough going for the Huskers in the Big 10. Maybe this is the year.

4. Northwestern- Pat Fitzgerald was a hot commodity at the beginning of last season and was mentioned for several top jobs. His stock fell with each Wildcat loss.

5. Minnesota-Gophers improved and surprised a bit last year. Will that continue?

6. Purdue- Great school, but their football team will struggle.

7. Illinois-They had some talent for a while.

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