100th Post, Brad Blank, Cole Pittman, “The Catch” and Some Other Things

I have only been doing this blog a little over 3 months and this is officially my 100th post.

The biggest thing I have to say is I wish I had started this sooner.


It’s been an awesome 3 months to say the least and I have met and talked to a lot of interesting people and exchanged emails with others that I never would have experienced without my blog.

In a short 3 months and 100 published posts on my blog I have talked to Tom Brady’s and my all time sports hero, Tedy Bruschi’s sports agent, Brad Blank.

Through my son-in-law, Randy Griffin, I met a former Ivy League football player named John Prassas. John Prassas is an interesting story in himself and I am still working on that one and what angle I should take. Prassas played LB at Brown University and like the general college football player had dreams of playing in the NFL. On draft day, Prassas did not get selected but received a call from a Canadian Football League team and wanted to go ahead and sign. He did not have a sports agent or even a telephone so he used his Fraternity Buddy and neighbor from across the hall, Brad Blank, as his agent.

Brad Blank was a pre-law student at Brown University and obviously went on to become a sports agent. I emailed Brad and he told me to give him a call and I was able to talk to him for quite a while on the phone. Brad Blank gets hundreds of calls and emails per day and returned mine because of his old friend John Prassas and because my name is also Brad.

This guy who is an agent to some of the top NFL players out there and is friends with President Obama and the Kennedy’s took the time out of his day to talk to little ole me. I was honored and flattered.

When asked how he was able to get into and attend Brown University one of the most prestigious universities in the world, he simply answered ‘somebody had to go there’.

Very impressive and likeable guy and I never would have gotten the opportunity to talk to him without my blog.

I will always be a fan of Brad Blank and I hope for his continued success.



Speaking of being a fan of, I will also always be a fan of Marc Pittman and his family. Marc Pittman of Shreveport, Louisiana, is the father of the late Cole Pittman and Chase Pittman and wrote a book about his son, “Raising Cole”. If you have not read Raising Cole, I highly recommend it. It’s available on Amazon.com and through Marc’s website  http://www.raisingcole.com/


Marc Pittman has been through hell as probably little in this life is as bad as a parent losing a child. But, he is a warrior as well and has taken a very bad thing and used it to the best of his ability to make changes in other people’s lives, including mine.

I talked to Marc Pittman twice on the phone and the second time was for well over an hour and I don’t talk on the phone well over an hour. I am still working on a post about his son Cole Pittman and want to honor both of them as well as I can. Just like with Clark Broaddus from Clute, Texas, who you can read about here: http://collegefootballcrazy.com/clark-broaddus-a-man-worth-remembering/ Writing about Clark Broaddus not only brought back memories but I exchanged emails with several really great people such as attorney Bruce Moon from Fort Worth, Texas. I want the man that was Clark Broaddus to be remembered and thanks to men like Bruce Moon, maybe Clark will be remembered just a little.


I want the man who was Cole Pittman to be remembered as well.

I want the giant of a man who is Cole Pittman’s father, Marc Pittman to be remembered and it would do any fathers wonders to read his book and apply the words he has written to their own lives. If you are a man and don’t have a son, apply them to your daughter or apply them to anyone you know. Just apply them. Marc Pittman’s book, Raising Cole, is a life changer and I seriously doubt I would have read it or ever talked to Marc Pittman without my blog.



Not only has my blog been about tragic events such as Cole Pittman and Clark Broaddus, but it has also been about heroes such as Shon Coleman;  http://collegefootballcrazy.com/shon-coleman-2014-player-of-the-year/ and Drew Clarkson;  http://collegefootballcrazy.com/drew-clarkson-oregon-state/ Both of these guys are cancer survivors and incredible individuals.

Plus, it’s been about warriors that just won’t quit, like Chris Stone; http://collegefootballcrazy.com/chris-stone-a-college-football-walk-on-story/

Thanks go out to my other son in law, Jeff Stone, for having a great little brother like Chris. Truth be known, Jeff Stone’s not too bad himself. How many men can say that about their son in laws?



The blog has also been about great games over the years some of which have been called the Games of the Century starting back from my childhood when I first got interested in the game of football.

One game I wrote about involved Alabama and Notre Dame; http://collegefootballcrazy.com/14-saturdays-1973-sugar-bowl-version/


The most dramatic play of that exciting game was a great catch when the game was on the line which was made by little used Notre Dame Tight End Robin Weber. I say little used, but that only applies to the passing game as Robin Weber was an outstanding blocker and way ahead of his time. How many 6-5, 260 Tight Ends were there in the early 1970s that ran like a Wide Receiver? That play, back on December 31st 1973, with time running out is  historically known as just ‘the catch’.

I have called and emailed so many ex-players, coaches and countless other people, but Robin Weber is one of the few that has been so kind as to return my email. Words cannot express how it makes me feel to exchange emails with the guy that made ‘the catch’ to basically clinch the game against the Crimson Tide.


This blog has been fun and I am proud that I have already posted 100 times and I hope to have at least 100 more before the season starts.

I do realize that I am a complete nobody and that nobody has a reason to return my calls or emails. But, in spite of that I have talked to some really great people on the phone and by email.

My blog is not well known yet and it may never be, but I am going to keep plugging away at it and work at it as hard as I can.


I want to thank each and every person that has read my blog so far and please come back and leave some comments any time you agree or disagree.


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